Thursday, 8 March 2012

On The Up?

We’re proud contributors to the monthly REC/Markit Report on Jobs here at Exclusive and one of the perks of helping put together the data is receiving the full report as it hits the Press.  Now I’m not known around Exclusive Towers for my incessantly optimistic pronouncements on the economy but even I have been heartened in the past couple of months to note the tone of the report and the chinks of light it seems to be suggesting.
The Northern version of the report this month led with the headline ‘Permanent Appointments and Vacancies rise at solid rates in North of England’.  Of course, the underlying message to this is that after what feels like a never ending cycle of restructuring and redundancies, firms are starting to expand again but even more promisingly, this growth has now occurred in each of the last seven months, most recently at a faster rate than the rest of the UK.