Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The real reason top talent leave their jobs

I read recently that people don’t quit their jobs – they quit their bosses!

I’ve worked as a Headhunter since 1996. Although I know that I’m good at what I do, it still surprises me just how ‘open minded’ to new opportunities the majority of people out there are! 

I’ve been given all of the usual reasons why people are open to new opportunities – more money, lack of career progression opportunities, seeking a new challenge, wanting to secure something closer to home or in a different location, etc. – However, as I get to know the candidate and the relationship becomes much deeper, it’s astounding how many people are actually trying to leave a bad boss behind!

So, what makes a ‘bad boss’? Generally, bosses aren’t bad people – they just lack the insight and experience of what makes other people tick. Recognition and praise for a job well done are two of the most effective ways to make an employee feel valued. Being listened to – and heard – is also often cited as an example of what makes a Manager a ‘good boss’.

We are all busy people, leading busy lives. Managers are often being pulled in many different directions – internally as well as externally – in the company they work for. As such, they often feel that they don’t have the time to spend listening to, understanding and recognising the efforts of their team. However, think of how much time (let alone the associated financial costs) is spent in recruiting replacement members of your team.

As we enter the run up to Christmas and the end of the year, life becomes even more hectic and our time ever more scarce. However, this is exactly the time of year when employees look to employers to share some of the festive spirit, by sharing some of themselves. Now is the time to take a step back and fully appreciate that it’s the people that make up an organisation – they are your primary asset and competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

2012 has seen the economy start to stabilise and many sectors have started to grow again. As such, the war on talent will become even more competitive as we head into 2013. Make sure that you make time to hold on to the people you have!

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