Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A Guide to Standing out on Linkedin: Part Two

10 Tricks for Getting the Attention You Want on Linkedin

Are you desperate to attract the attention of a particular company or professional? Perhaps they are advertising exciting vacancies on the Exclusive site and you want to make contact. Networking on Linkedin is the most successful way to do this in the digital age, as 95% of recruiters use it.
There are 200 million people using Linkedin at the moment. You can see this in two ways: 200 million potential customers/employers or 200 million other people to compete with.
On Linkedin you exist virtually in a sea of data; you are searchable but easily lost. A good analogy would be if your CV or company profile was in a 200-million-sheet-tall pile of paper. This guide aims to show you how you can stand out and get the attention of your desired target.
The Basics
1. Personal Profile
The obvious place to start is with your profile. This is like your online CV. Although it is time consuming, fill in all of the required fields detailing absolutely all of the skills and experience you have that are relevant to the area in which you want to work. Relevant is key- you want to come across as a professional in your desired field, so avoid spreading your skills and experiences too thin across hobbies and jobs that aren’t relevant to the positions you want to apply for.
Make sure you complete each section of your profile, otherwise it will be advertised as incomplete.
2. Connections
Building up a network of connections is essential to success on Linkedin. It is recommended that you have at least 500 connections. If you have less than 100 connections then you are only likely to appear in 3% of the search results. Compare that to those with over 500 connections and there is significant rise- they appear in over 90% of search results.
The best way to achieve this is to start by adding friends, family and coworkers and then find the rest through the ‘people you may know’ section. Try to connect with people that your target connection is linked with or build links in a chain that leads to them.
3. Industry Groups
Industry groups are a key way to build connections but also enable you to get the attention of a specific person/ company. Go onto their profile and see which industry groups they belong to and try to join the same ones. This establishes a connection of shared interests and the enthusiasms between you and the person or company you are hoping to connect with.
4. Testimonials
Ask colleagues and friends to write you a testimonial to appear on your page. This can boost your credibility and establish you as someone your target connection would want to know.
5. Regular Updates
It is important to appear engaged online and this means updating your Linkedin at least every two weeks. It is worth noting that Linkedin is most active in the mornings so whatever you post is more likely to be read at this time. Keep your posts relevant and professional. Researching to uncover interesting articles that might catch the attention of your desired target is time well spent.

The Next Steps
6. Keywords
Linkedin’s search tool is almost completely driven by keywords. Therefore it is important to think about the keywords that you want to use on your profile. Without going overboard, your profile needs to be ‘keyword rich’.
Keywords can be your skills, specialisms, experience, location or personal qualities.
To make this work for you and your goal of getting the attention of specific person, you need to look at which keywords they use on their profile and what keywords you think they would be searching for, if looking for a candidate or business. Using this list, you can tailor your profile so that they are likely to find it.
7. Recommendations
Linkedin allows you to recommend other users, and in turn, they can recommend you. This is great way to boost your online presence and credibility. It is important to only recommend people you genuinely know.
If you can get a recommendation from one of your target’s connections, this could be a real asset. It is possible to achieve this through the posts below…
8. Answer Questions
Search the Forums for questions relating to your target connection’s interests and answer them. Answering questions is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate expertise.
If your target connection ever asks any questions or starts discussions, be sure to participate, as this could be your way in.
9. Start Polls/ Discussions
Show motivation and actively become engaged with other members by starting discussions on topics similar to your desired target’s area of expertise.
10. Link to Wordpress/Blog and Twitter
Linkedin can be used in isolation but there is a lot to be gained by building a well-rounded online presence through the use of blogs and twitter.
The more engaged you are online, the more likely it is your desired target will come to you.
The key to successful networking with a desired target is to research them and tailor your profile and output to suit them.
Browse potential employers in your sector on the Exclusive website today where you’ll find recruitment expertise, whatever your field. Team this with effective networking on Linkedin and your dream job should be within your reach.


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