Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Instagram as a Recruitment Tool

Social media websites are now an enormous and prominent part of the recruitment process. Publishers, agents and writers rendezvous on Twitter, artists and graphic design companies meet on Tumblr, and businesses of all kinds are able to learn more about their candidates from their Facebook accounts than ever attainable from a CV.

For business and employers, building brand is utterly essential. Social media offers an invaluable means of building brand identity, following and loyalty. The immediacy and reach of sites like Twitter make them infinitely more efficient than traditional promotion methods. Instagram, owned by Facebook, is one website enabling you not only to build your brand and image, but help you locate talented people in your field and within your area.
Instagram is sleeker and more streamlined than Facebook, cultivating a vibrant, ultramodern community. Having been designed with iPhones and iPads in mind, you can access updates on your smartphone between meetings, on the commute, and throughout your work day.

Instagram is an image-oriented site – just take a photo on your phone and upload it directly to Instagram instantly, utilising the glorious array of filters as you see fit. As a business, you can upload images of your products, employees and any significant events your company is involved in – social networking is the ideal way to build brand awareness, giving your company a face and a real sense of identity.
Searching specific Instagram hashtags can also be an effective way of discovering new talent. Instagram users will use hashtags such as #photography or #engineering, for example, to promote their own work, ongoing projects and anything they feel will represent them positively. Social media users know the recruiters are out there, meaning that self-promotional efforts are now being made with the job search in mind. If you’re in pursuit of fresh, creative talent in your organisation, this search process could be enormously beneficial. Jobseekers should also bear in mind that in order to see their talents and skillsets recognised, building a strong Instagram portfolio and following is hugely worthwhile.
Instagram is also partnered up with Foursquare, so you can log your location as you Instagram. And for recruiters in the area, searching local tags to find geographically convenient prospects is a great way to broaden your range of suitable candidates.
One of Instagram’s key benefits is that trends are constantly accessible, and you know your way around a computer, two traits that are vital for entrepreneurs and fresh, budding businesses.
This is, of course, not a replacement for the traditional job search, as with the millions of Instagram users, there’s no guarantee you will be noticed. Making connections, building a rapport with desired clients and employers, and demonstrating that your company is ahead of the curve are invaluable to both potential employers and employees. But Instagram is surely a sensible place to start.

Social media certainly can’t do all the work, however. If you need an exceptional recruitment service and are looking to outsource, Exclusive’s team of recruitment specialists provide an unparalleled service and first-rate customer care.


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